Below, you will find answers to many of the most common questions about SkyBOX Checkout. If you have any additional questions or would like to learn more about our services please contact us.

SkyBOX Checkout is a trusted cross-border solution that enables USA retailers to accept and ship orders worldwide. When you place an international order, your order will be processed and shipped by SkyBOX Checkout.

We ship to 180 countries and territories. See below all of our supported countries.

Africa Americas & the Caribbean Asia-Pacific Eastern Europe / CIS Middle East Western Europe
Algeria Anguilla Australia Albania Afghanistan Austria
Angola Argentina Brunei Darussalam Armenia Bahrain Belgium
Benin Aruba Cambodia (Kampuchea) Azerbaijan Bangladesh Denmark
Botswana Bahamas China Belarus Bhutan Finland
Burkina Faso Barbados Cook Islands Bosnia-Herzegovina Cyprus France
Burundi Belize Fiji Bulgaria India Germany
Cameroon Bermuda French Polynesia (Tahiti) Croatia Iraq Gibraltar
Cape Verde Bolivia Guam Czech Republic Israel Great Britain
Chad Brazil Hong Kong SAR, China Estonia Jordan Greece
Congo, Democratic Rep of (Zaire) British Virgin Islands Indonesia Georgia, Republic of Kuwait Greenland
Congo, Republic of Canada Japan Hungary Lebanon Iceland
Cote D-Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Cayman Islands Laos Kazakhstan Maldives Ireland
Djibouti Chile Macao SAR, China Kyrgyzstan Nepal Italy
Egypt Colombia Mongolia Latvia Oman Liechtenstein
Equatorial Guinea Costa Rica New Caledonia Lithuania Pakistan Luxembourg
Eritrea Dominica New Zealand Macedonia, Republic of Qatar Malta
Ethiopia Dominican Republic Papua New Guinea Moldova Saudi Arabia Netherlands
Gabon Ecuador Samoa Montenegro Sri Lanka Norway
Gambia El Salvador Solomon Islands Poland Tajikistan Portugal
Ghana French Guiana South Korea Romania Turkey Spain
Guinea Grenada Taiwan of China Russia United Arab Emirates Sweden
Guinea-Bissau Guadeloupe Tonga Serbia Yemen Switzerland
Kenya Guatemala Vanuatu Slovakia
Lesotho Guyana Slovenia
Liberia Haiti Turkmenistan
Libya Honduras Ukraine
Madagascar Jamaica Uzbekistan
Malawi Martinique
Mali Mexico
Mauritania Montserrat
Mauritius Nicaragua
Morocco Panama
Mozambique Paraguay
Namibia Peru
Niger Puerto Rico
Nigeria Saint Vincent & The Grenadines
Rwanda Suriname
Senegal Trinidad & Tobago
Seychelles Turks & Caicos Islands
South Africa Uruguay
Swaziland Venezuela
Tanzania Virgin Islands

SkyBOX Checkout offers a variety of convenient payment methods for international customers including: credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, Boleto Bancario and Ali Pay. Our payment services are regularly updated and we are continuously expanding the local and regional payment methods available. Please check the checkout page for the latest convenient payment services available to your country. Please note that all international payments will be processed by SkyBOX and will show as such on your statement.

    SkyBOX Checkout makes shopping internationally easy, intuitive and convenient!

  • SkyBOX Checkout will default the destination country to your location based on your computer’s IP address. If you would like to ship to a different location, select the “Ship to” link and choose your preferred destination country and currency. Shop on the website as you would normally and you’ll see all products in your selected local currency.
  • As you shop online you’ll notice that by hovering over the product you will see the product price as well as estimates of the shipping, duties and taxes at the product level. Simply add product to your cart and then click on the cart button once you’re ready to checkout. Please note that the shipping calculations are defaulted to the capital city in each country and could differ slightly based on your actual delivery address. Your final shipping and duty and tax rates will be displayed in your shopping cart once you have entered your delivery information.
  • At checkout you will see the total landed cost including product price, insurance, duties and taxes and shipping. You can choose your delivery preference and decide if you want to pay for duties and taxes in the checkout or upon delivery of your order. We encourage you to prepay to avoid any delays in customs or coordination of payment upon delivery. If you prepay duties and taxes, we guarantee there will be no additional funds due upon delivery.
  • After you have chosen your shipping and payment options, select “Place Order” to complete your purchase. You will receive an order confirmation number and email with receipt of purchase once you submit the order. All orders and payments will be processed by SkyBOX and will show as such on your statement.

You will be billed in your local currency or USD by SkyBOX depending on the currency selected at the cart page. Once you place your order, your credit card or international form of payment will be charged by SkyBOX.

You have the option to be charged in your local currency or in USD. This can be selected in the currency/country selection on the home page or on the cart page. If you select your local currency you will not be charged any foreign transaction fees for your international order and SkyBOX will charge you in the currency you selected ex: GBP. If you select to be charged in USD you may have additional foreign transaction fees levied by your bank. SkyBOX is not responsible for any foreign transaction fees charged by your financial institution.

You will have the option to either prepay all costs such as duties and taxes upon checkout, or, to pay those fees upon delivery. If you pay duties and taxes upfront at checkout, we guarantee there will be no additional funds collected upon delivery.

Yes, your order is automatically insured up to USD 1,000.00. In the event the order is lost or damaged during transit you can submit a claim to SkyBOX Checkout’s Customer Service Department. Once your claim has been approved, they will reimburse you for the dollar amount of the product or send you a replacement order if product is still available.

SkyBOX Checkout processes your orders and ships within 24 hours of it being received at the SkyBOX processing facility. Please note that Standard shipments arrive within 7-10 business days, and Priority shipments arrive within 3-5 business days of leaving the SkyBOX processing facility.

Visit the international tracking page and enter your order number and email address used to place the order.

Please contact SkyBOX Checkout’s customer service team for any questions regarding your international order.

  • You have 24 hours to cancel your order without penalty after it is placed online.
  • Please contact us with any questions about cancellation or order modifications.
  • If your order cannot be canceled, please proceed with a return request.

Unfortunately Gift cards are not supported as a form of payment for international orders.

Duties and taxes are controlled by the customs authorities in the destination country. They are determined based on a combination of factors including the country of origin of the products, the classification of the products by harmonized codes and the value of the products. SkyBOX Checkout always shows the estimate of duties and taxes on the product page and in the shopping cart. If you select to prepay these duties and taxes at checkout, we guarantee our estimate and you will never be charged any additional fees for the delivery of your order. However, if you select to pay duties and taxes upon delivery, please note that your local customs authorities may assess the duties and taxes due differently and we therefore cannot guarantee that the amount you will be charged will match our estimation.

Duties and taxes, if they apply, are mandatory and are controlled by the government of the destination country. Altering or marking packages to appear as gifts to avoid duties and taxes is illegal and SkyBOX Checkout will not engage in any alterations to the duties and tax calculation and charges by the governing country.

We are not able to support shipments to multiple addresses for international orders. If you need to have an order shipped to different addresses it is recommended to place each order individually with the separate shipping address.

Yes, SkyBOX Checkout supports split billing and shipping addresses. Shipping rates and duties and taxes will apply to the shipping address entered during the checkout process.

Unfortunately certain items are not allowed to be shipped or sold internationally. Certain items like perfume and hazardous, flammable or oversized items are not allowed for international shipping, while others may be banned from export or import into certain countries. We are unable to support the sale of gifts cards for international customers.We have undertaken great effort to ensure that products not available for sale or import in your country will be restricted for international purchase. Restricted items will be indicated in the cart page prior to placing your order.

Call us during business hours at: +1 (786) 265-4880 Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM (EST)

Local Phone Numbers for Customer Service:
  • USA/Canada Toll Free (True 800)
  • UK 0-800-520-0842
  • Azerbaijan (AZ): (+99412) 492-7913
  • France (FR): + (33) 1 41 66 28 28
  • Romania (ROM): + 40 21 410 7077 /
    + 40 21 313 5777
  • Nigeria (LOS):+234 9090159000 - 1
  • Ghana (GH): + 233 555 – 511 -440
  • Uganda (UG): + 256 020 030 7431
Middle East
  • Saudi Arabia (SA): +966-811 104 5061
  • UAE (DBX): +971 4 2826555
  • Lebanon (LE): + (961) 1 489 480
  • Argentina (ARG): + (54) 11 66322073
  • Bahamas (BA): 1-855-497-5454
  • Barbados 1-866-233-5730
  • Brazil (BRA): + (55) 11 3951 3295 - 3856 0299
  • Chile (SCL): + (562) 2 570 8610
  • Colombia (BOG): + (571) 3819677
  • Costa Rica (CR): + (506) 4001 6772
  • El Salvador (SV): + (503) 21133830
  • Guatemala (GT): + (502) 22296351
  • Mexico (DF): + (52) 55 11638649
  • Panama (PA): + (507) 8365756
  • Peru (LIM): + (511) 7085588
  • Dominican Rep. (DOM): 1-829-607-2060
  • Trinidad & Tobago (TT) : 1-800-205-9430
  • Venezuela (CCS): 0-800-100-9181