About us

SkyBOX is a pioneer of the international ecommerce logistics industry. It was the first service of its kind for international shoppers who wanted to buy in the USA. Now with more than 25 years of experience, hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and millions of packages delivered worldwide, we are expanding our international ecommerce offering to enable e-retailers to reach international markets with confidence and security.

SkyBOX created SkyBOX Checkout in 2014 to leverage its international logistics capabilities, exceptional partnerships with key ecommerce industry partners and international market knowledge to help retailers extend their reach. The SkyBOX Checkout platform was developed using years of expertise and every detail has been perfected to provide the international consumer with the best buying experience possible. SkyBOX Checkout also provides retailers the confidence, protection and tools required to sell, manage and fulfill international orders with minimal disturbance in their current operations. All, at no risk!

Why SkyBOX Checkout?

  • You deliver domestically to our depots in Los Angeles, New York or Miami, SkyBOX Checkout takes it GLOBALLY!
  • All your orders are 100% guaranteed! We take 100% of the risk of all fraud, chargeback and FOREX exposure!
  • Real time fully landed product cost calculation for every product, presented both in USD and the local currency!
  • Our proprietary global courier network will offer you the best prices for international shipping and customs clearance!
  • We will help you transition from being a local seller to become an international merchant by analyzing your product data and setting up the right harmonized codes and categories!

Skybox Checkout is a service platform that helps etailers with existing websites expand to international markets providing the tools and services to handle international orders.

Skybox Checkout takes the risk out of international ecommerce and presents international consumers with a complete and detailed understanding of all their costs while they are browsing.

Skybox Checkout receives the international payments, scans for fraud, charges the customers, ships internationally, clears customs and delivers the order to your customer’s home or office! You simply ship your orders domestically as you would with any order.

Price Widget

Present your customers with the fully landed product cost at the moment that they are seeing the product. The price widget can be customized to present product price in both USD and the local currency, including all costs to deliver the purchase to the customer’s door.

Payment Process

Our international payment platform scans for fraudulent charges and processes many different international payment methods like Western Union, AliPay, Paypal.


International transport, in-country customs clearance and local delivery to your customer's home or office using a proprietary global courier network. You ship the orders locally as you do with your domestic customers and SkyBOX Checkout takes care of the rest!

Global Courier Network

Using our proprietary global courier network we have the best prices for international shipping and customs clearance.

Customer Service

We currently provide international customer service in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic) and our trained specialists, via our Order Management System, will coordinate any order related issues with you and your international customers.

International Order Management Platform

Our Order Management Platform provides constant visibility and progress reports on all your international orders.

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