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International Customer Shopping Experience

100% Percent Price Guarantee: Risk free for merchants and international customers. SkyBOX Checkout honors every verified order to our merchants and takes on 100% risk of fraud in international orders.

International Multilingual Customer Service: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic. Any additional language capabilities can be implemented as needed.

International Regional Marketing Rules: Our platform allows you to create strategic pricing policies by region, country, city, commodity, brands, dates, etc. You have absolute control of your product offering, specific price increase / decrease, coupons and promotions. It also allows you to customize how prices are presented by market (Ex.: “Free Shipping” /”Free Customs”) alleviating traditional worries of international purchases.

International Returns: The SkyBOX Checkout platform has specialized modules and workflows for handling returns. Customer and Merchant interfaces and workflows make international returns easy to coordinate. Very flexible return policy management in accordance to specific merchant requirements that can be customized for a specific region, country, product categories, commodity, promotion, etc.

International Ecommerce Platform

Fastest/Most simplistic Integration Possible: Plug-ins have been developed for the most popular ecommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify. Our in-house team of developers will help with any integration and development necessary and can also help with custom platforms or in house ecommerce solutions. Advanced restful web services API allows the fastest and lightest integration possible. All with no setup fee!

International Payment Process Platform with Anti-Fraud Screening: The SkyBOX Checkout shopping cart enables us to charge international customers with zero risk to the merchant. Our Fraud Screening platform uses Geographic, Bank, IP and Device specific based intelligence for international fraud detection, also at no risk to the merchant. When required, our dedicated fraud screening analysts contact customers to verify additional information. SkyBOX Checkout assumes 100% percent of the risk on every order.

Merchant Portal: Our international merchant portal gives retailers full multi distribution-center visibility of orders placed, charges, status of shipments, financial settlement, etc.

International Ecommerce Intelligence Database: With more than 25 years of accumulated knowledge on international ecommerce logistics, our platform handles specific harmonized codes and country specific requirements, restrictions, documentation and manifesting information necessary to transfer, enter, process and deliver the last mile in 180 countries. This allows us to comply with every specific detail required by foreign and local customs authorities while at the same time optimizing shipments for the most effective cost possible.

Global Ecommerce Logistic Partner

More than 500,000 satisfied customers and more than 20 million packages delivered to international markets provide us with the market knowledge to help our customers expand globally and with certainty!

Exceptional International Shipping Rates: Through our proprietary Logistics Network, we are confident that we can offer the best international rates on the market and the most competitive customs clearing and local delivery options.

Extensive Partner Agreements: We have been named the preferred international ecommerce partner by some of our partners like Visa International, PayPal, BBVA, EBay and we have extensive relationships in many countries in the world with local banks, multi-national airlines, newspapers and many other international ecommerce promoting entities.

Experience: While there are many offerings of the international checkout solution, SkyBOX Checkout has been facilitating international ecommerce transactions longer than any other company and is the only one with a proprietary worldwide courier network capable of delivery from anywhere-to-anywhere in the world!

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