Order Overview

SkyBOX Checkout offers the best ecommerce solution for international customers and retailers. SkyBOX Checkout is a full landed cost solution allowing retailers to effortlessly enter the global ecommerce market. SkyBOX Checkout takes on full risk of fraud screening and international payments while providing competitive international shipping with full tracking via its proprietary logistics network. SkyBOX Checkout allows you to enter international markets with no disruption to your current operations. Simply process all international orders to SkyBOX’s hub and we’ll pay you in USD. See how easy it is to start selling international today!

1. International Customer Shops & Places Order on Retailer Website

  • Full landed cost displayed in local currency throughout the shopping experience (homepage, product page, cart page)
  • Customer has the ability to prepay duties and taxes for seamless international delivery
  • Customer receives Order Confirmation upon successful checkout

2. SkyBOX Checkout Processes Order

  • SkyBOX Checkout collects and verifies international currency
  • SkyBOX Checkout handles 100% of Fraud Screening/Address Verification for international orders
  • If there is a problem with the order SkyBOX Checkout’s multilingual customer service team notifies the international customer via email and phone

3. Approved Order Sent to Retailer for Processing

  • Retailer receives email or webservice notification on approved international order
  • Retailer processes order to send to SkyBOX domestic hub
  • SkyBOX Checkout pays retailer biweekly or monthly in USD for all international orders

4. Domestic Shipment Sent to SkyBOX Hub

  • Domestic tracking sent to SkyBOX via email or API
  • Retailers can ship to Miami, LA, or NYC facility
  • Retailer can ship orders individually or consolidate multiple shipments
  • Retailer can also store international inventory at SkyBOX hub for immediate processing of international orders

5. SkyBOX Checkout Prepares Order for International Shipment

  • SkyBOX Check out consolidates & repackages shipments for international shipping
  • SkyBOX Checkout confirms all order details are correct (size, color, sku) prior to international shipment
  • SkyBOX Checkout handles all labels, duties and taxes and customs clearance paperwork

6. SkyBOX Checkout Ships Order to International Customer

  • International tracking is sent to customer once the order leaves SkyBOX hub
  • Orders are shipped via SkyBOX’s proprietary global courier network
  • International order arrives to customer door in 7-10 business days for standard and 1-3 days for priority shipping
  • Retailer has full visibility on international order process from start to finish in the merchant dashboard

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